About Me

I am Greg Gillespie the SEO SCRUTINIZER.

I am about to blow the whistle on the biggest SEO scams that exist.

If you are a medical doctor and you are feeling the pinch that is telling you something is not right with your SEO, then I am glad you have found me.

Hopefully I can help you right the ship if you have been capsized by a Google update that has left you floundering with poor website traffic.

Maybe you are not sure of the current SEO that is doing the job/not doing the job you are paying them for.

I am here to help you find the truth about your SEO in plain easy understandable ways.

No phony baloney here. Just the facts.

Medical doctors across the US and Canada have been trusting me with their SEO needs for over six years now.

Perhaps it is time you had an independent SEO consultant run their eyes over your website to uncover your present and future prospects of ever gaining (regaining) the search engine traffic that your medical practice so desperately needs.

Contact Me, I am here to help.